Heka Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Heka Living

At Heka Living, we are proud to present you with the only tool you will ever need to transform your living and working space into a calm and sacred haven.

What Makes Heka "Decora" Model Stand Out From The Competition?

• All in One: Purifies, Humidifies, Diffuses & Odorizes!
• High mist output, 5 ft adapter cable, suitable for small or large spaces
• Easy to fill & use
• 100% Safe, BPA-Free
• Beautiful Color Transitioning High Quality Ceramic Lid
• Continuous or Intermittent Mist Function - Your Choice!
• Adjustable 7 Color LED light: Choose One Color Or Use It's Built in Harmonizing Color Palate
• 100 ml capacity: requires little oil, only 2-3 drops
• Works FOR HOURS, auto OFF function in case of low water content

How Can Our Product Help Improve Your Life?

- Restores air moisture & deodorizes your surroundings;
- Eliminates persistent, foul odors;
- Provides air sanitation, helps combat air-borne winter colds & the common flu;
- Doubles as a night light for babies and children wary of the dark
- Is an ideal gift for spa, yoga & wellness studio owners and anyone interested in natural healing.

Give yourself the chance to take advantage of essential oils' benefits in full.

It only takes just 2 - 3 drops of your favorite essential oil per 100ml of water, to start working towards inner peace, balance and a stress-free life.

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